Funday Sunday: 1d100 Weird Merchants in the Grand Bazaar

With my system out for  sale  I am full steam ahead on working on this new setting. The Grand Bazaar will be a pointcrawl or depthcrawl  and will involve trying to follow the byzantine rules of the mysterious Sultan who runs the whole infinite market of the Grand Bazaar. The idea is for most of the shop and cart owners to be relatively normal NPCs having been lost travelers or merchants who just decided to set up shop in the biggest and best market in the multiverse. However if you want the merchants and inhabitants to get a bit weirder, and you should, especially with how weird things can get in the Grand Bazaar, here are 1d100 weird merchants: All shadow. Speaks in a raspy whisper. Has mouths covering their body. Talks only in questions. Draped patterned, coverings over every exposed bit of flesh. Wants a way home. An engorged spider. Friendly but hungry. Spider made of spiders. Hypnotic and a hard bargainer. Person wearing a turban who is in fact a writhing mass of worms.  The memor

System Saturday: The Grand Bazaar as a System

With my system out there I have shifted gears towards a setting I stumbled on to and am interested in: The Grand Bazaar!  I am going to spend the next couple of weeks expanding it out into a full point crawl ala The Gardens of Ynn  or the Stygian Library  two point crawls that are incredibly playable. "Portobello road, Portobello road Street where the riches of ages are stowed. Anything and everything a chap can unload Is sold off the barrow in Portobello road. You’ll find what you want in the Portobello road." Portobello Road, Bedknobs and Broomsticks The Grand Bazaar is a place where ANYTHING can be found for a price. Here is a 1d100 location list that I am going to be fleshing out in detail.  Tea Lanterns Carpets Furniture Book Pawn shop Oddities Potions Clockwork devices Taxidermy Statuary Masks Ships in Bottles Maps Pillows Weapons Coffee C

Freeform Friday: Got Back the Finished Cover Art

 Here is the finished cover art:  This depicts the Maze Hunter stalking his prey. The beautiful art is done by the very talented John Gagne: I have not updated and it is available at drivethrurpg as well. Super excited about how the project has progressed!

Travel Thursday: Alien Number Systems

Reading science fiction and fantasy I am increasing confounded by the anthropomorphic problem. I think I was first made aware of this issue in the novel Sphere by Michael Crichton. Basically the gist of it is that we have certain underlying assumptions that are deeply tied into our biology, linguistics, and culture, that we are not really aware of, and when trying to conceive of alien organisms we tend to heavily anthropomorphize them in ways that do not really make sense for how those creatures might have evolved.  Even our own cultures on earth are extremely diverse in their thinking, underlying assumptions, and cultural proclivities. To this end, the cultures and species of our fictional worlds should be at least as diverse, if not even more so. We tend to imagine languages as being weird and different with different cultures that are informed by them. Lets look at a central underlying assumption we tend to make about our societies: the universality of numbers. Here is a video from

1dX Wednesday: 1d20 Weird Trinkets

Here is an excerpt from my hack  A Crucible For Silver  The entire list goes up to 1d100 and gets pretty weird in its contents. These are the type of trinkets I like to start my players off with. It gets them interacting with the fiction in where specific ways that are endlessly amusing. When all you have is a magic hammer, everything starts to look like a magic nail for my players and the ways they try to exploit these trinkets. 1. Globe that shows its location on itself. 2. Boots that allow you to jump an extra foot. 3. 10 sheets of paper that turn into what you fold them into, when you throw them in the air 4. Jar of sleep powder. 5. A piece of masonry from The Great Temple that allows you to see everything in the universe perfectly when you touch it. The input is overwhelming and very disorienting. 6. A veiled painting of a tiger that induces complete obsession in all who fully view it. 7. A pair of antique Obols that when placed on the eyes induce a deep and restful

Trinket Tuesday: Zeno's Spyglass

Spyglass that sees in accurate detail to a league away. When a button on its side is pressed it teleports the user to half the distance of what was looked at. Pressing the button further times teleports a further half of the distance remaining each time it is pressed. A new destination can be selected once per day by looking through the spyglass and then pressing the button. This trinket is a play on some of  Zeno's Paradoxes . By pressing the button repeatedly you technically will never reach the destination you chose. After a couple of presses there will not be any discernible difference between almost at the place and teleported right there.  This is a very powerful tool that is limited by the distance away of the destination being selected (about 3 miles or half of a hex), the once per day usage, and that it will only transport the person pressing the button. However being able to quickly close distances makes it a very powerful assassination and surprise attack tool. The image

Monster Monday: Puppeteer's Plague

You see the infected and dead twitching their way, almost dancing through the streets. Their bodies are no longer their own and seem to be puppeteer-ed by some unknown force. You see no strings, but their limbs jerk exactly like a marionette and their jaws are pulled open unnaturally to wail and sing in an unearthly mimicry. The disease is a mycosis, caused by some sort of fungal infection that reaches the brain and forces it to perform in such a way. The skin begins to be covered in lesions and the muscles are quickly worn beyond use as they are forced to perform. While the fungus is a perfectly natural explanation, it does not explain why groups of the infected tend to congregate and perform almost choreographed puppetry movements. It seems as if some extra force is controlling the hapless victims. The disease appears to continue even after the infected is dead. It should be said that it is not known if they are actually dead, but their flesh is so mortified and infected that by all